Playing Online Roulette for Free by Using an Online Roulette Simulator

Considered one of the oldest and most popular casino games, roulette is enjoyed by a large number of players and rightly so. The game is played by so many bettors around the world many of whom love it because of the thrilling fun it offers and the endless varieties to choose from. Although roulette is mostly played with real money, you can learn the tricks of the game for free by choosing to play on a free online roulette simulator. This type of software is designed to give you the complete adventurous and fun package, without you having to make any financial commitments. Find out more here!

online roulette simulators

What Is a Roulette Simulator?

A roulette simulator is the virtual version of the roulette game. Basically, it works like any online casino platform that allows players to have fun on the internet. Note that a roulette simulator is designed to work just like a physical roulette game. Also, it can be downloaded on smart devices like Androids and iPhones. Although you may have to purchase some simulators, there are also free ones. It all depends on the manufacturer.

The best part of roulette simulator is the fact that players can play without betting. This means you get as much experience as you need with no financial commitment. A simulator is an amazing option for those looking to master how to play roulette. You can learn basic tricks and strategies, then put them to the test, while improving the way you approach the game until you have fully mastered the workings of the game.

Why Should You Consider Playing a Roulette Simulator?

As with all other games, it is important that you have a good idea of ​​how it plays and that you practice extensively. Moreover, considering that there are three major variants of the game, all having their particularity and their unique characteristics, it is important that you know them well before betting. A roulette simulator would help you play as much as you want without money. Therefore, you do not fear the risk of loss and would not be under pressure to learn quickly.

A roulette simulator also allows you to develop a strategy as you play, which can then be applied in the actual game. Ultimately, the online roulette simulator gives you the opportunity to experience real-life situations. Thus, you could learn to master and better manage your emotions in order to react as you should, when you will eventually have to face potential huge losses.

Are There Different Kinds of Roulette Simulators?

Yes, there are several variations of roulette simulators that you can play in several cultures and countries around the world. However, three of these kinds of software remain the most popular. This includes European, French and American roulette. Although these are three completely different builds, the differences are only subtle and can be found in things like table layout, language, number of pockets, etc.

European Roulette Simulators

European roulette simulators are easily identified by their number of pockets and zeros. The game has a total number of 37 pockets, with counts ranging from 1 to 36 and a final pocket whose number is zero (0). This pocket is also given a green color while the others alternate between black and red. Simulated European Roulette can be played on a mobile phone or personal computer from anywhere in the world.

French Roulette Simulators

These roulette simulators are characterized by the fact that their bets are written in French instead of English like the other versions. In addition, they also have a set of special rules called "La Partage" and "En Prison". Both of these rules imply pocket number zero (0). Roulette also emulates the European Roulette table layout with slight modifications.

American Roulette Simulators

Finally, American roulette has more pockets than French and European, their total number being 38 instead of 37. This difference exists because of the additional green pocket it has which takes the number 00. Other pockets take numbers 1 to 36 and their colors alternate between red and black. However, like other roulette wheels, this American version of the roulette simulator has the green zero (0) pocket.

Just like physical casinos, these games are started when the wheel spins and ends after the ball lands in a pocket. Also, the ball always spins in the opposite direction of the wheel. You win by guessing the correct pocket the ball would land in.

Beyond these three main ones, there are several other types of roulette simulators to play. These variants come with different playstyles and adjustments to create a touch of uniqueness, always for the enjoyment of the players.

Where Can You Play Roulette Simulators?

You can play roulette simulators at virtually any online casino today. You have the option to do this through your computer by directly visiting their website online and having your fair share of fun. If you want to, you can choose to download the mobile software, so you can play from the comfort of your phone at any time. Depending on the manufacturer's design, you may need an internet connection to play some, while others may not.

However, when choosing roulette simulators, make sure it is provided by a trusted and registered casino. These casinos should have a license from a major gaming regulator and a track record of satisfied players to back up their reputation. So you won't fall victim to malware or a security breach.